Programs of Study / Meta Majors


Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to have a successful career in Animal or Equine Science, Horticulture, or Crop Production. Many degrees will also prepare students to enter a University with junior status.


Gain the technical, interpersonal, and communication skills necessary to succeed in the many opportunities within the business industry, including accounting, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and economics.

Education and Social Services

Learn about the many career paths that involve helping people improve their lives. Study fields such as psychology, criminology, education, and sociology. Get the skills you need to be effective in careers such as: early childhood or K-12 teacher, social worker, professor or researcher, law enforcement or corrections officer, or therapist.

Health and Healthcare & Nutrition and Culinary

Healthcare Occupations, Public Health, Exercise and Sport Science, and Culinary Arts programs are part of this MetaMajor.

Applied Industrial Technology & Transportation

Get job ready! Discover hands-on skills and programs that provide excellent training toward degrees and certifications to get you into the workforce.

Arts & Humanities

Fields in this meta-major explore human culture, artistic expression, and communication. Our students become creative problem solvers and prepare for 21st century jobs in the creative economy. Areas of study include music and theater, foreign languages, history and social sciences, communication, literature, visual arts, journalism, and more.

Science, Engineering, and Math & Computer Science

Gain knowledge and skills in the areas of science, engineering, computers, and math to advance the world through research, development, and ingenuity while securing a competitive edge in the modern job market.

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