DPP Celebrates 20 Years

DPP sign 2Since its beginning in 1998, Linn-Benton Community College and Oregon State University's ground-breaking partnership had one key idea in mind: fostering student success to help them complete their educational goals.

On May 4, LBCC President Greg Hamann and OSU President Edward Ray reaffirmed the institutions commitment to the future of the Degree Partnership Program at a signing ceremony honoring the 20th Anniversary of this successful partnership.

President Hamann spoke of the success of the program, which has helped pave the way for the current emphasis on completion, with the idea that most LBCC students should finish a course of study, and emerge with certification or a two-year associate degree, or a bachelor's degree from a university.

"We're not only about access, we're about completion," said Hamann. "That changes the way we play together."

President Ray spoke of the power of the partnership, stating "This is pretty fundamental to what we all need to be about," and adding that the idea behind the program "was a very powerful notion to me, and something that represented exactly what we needed to do going forward. It's not about 'our student versus your student.' It's not about 'our money versus your money.'"

In May 1998, LBCC President Jon Carnahan and OSU President Paul Risser made history when they signed the first dual enrollment partnership agreement in the state of Oregon.

The Dual Admissions and Enrollment Agreement, as it was known back then, was implement fall term 1998 for undergraduates in agricultural science, business and engineering. The program quickly expanded to include all majors.

As the first partnership of its kind in the state, the LBCC/OSU Degree Partnership Program soon became a model program for community colleges and universities throughout Oregon, which was designed to help students transfer seamlessly to the university while fostering student success through access to shared resources.

Approximately 19,000 students have moved through the LBCC/OSU program since it began 20 years ago. The program currently has 1,540 students enrolled.

The unique program allowed institutions to foster student success through utilization of shared resources and creating a seamless transfer system. Under the agreement, students pay tuition at each institution, but could combine credits for financial aid purposes.

A single application allows admission to both schools. Students also benefit from working with advisors at both institutions, and transcripts are freely passed between institutions, saving students money.

DPP students can also live in the OSU dorms, even if taking all their classes at LBCC. They also have access to resources and services at both institutions.


DPP signing 1

LBCC President Greg Hamann, left, and OSU President Ed Ray shake hands after the signing.