Accreditation & Assessment

Business Industry Needs Assessments

LBCC periodically conducts a sector specific business/industry needs assessment in collaboration with regional industry partners and other sector experts. Our purpose is to strengthen capacity of LBCC to quickly respond to the existing and changing educational needs of our community by better understanding the strengths and gaps in the current delivery system.


MERIT Report Cards

Accreditation standard 1.B.2, "the institution establishes objectives for each of its core themes and identifies meaningful, assessable, and verifiable indicators of achievement that form the basis for evaluating accomplishment of the objectives of its core themes," forms the main charge of the MERIT Council, and the MERIT Report Cards are its way of doing just that. The report cards utilize a tri-level strategy of attainable, actionable, and aspirational goals to evaluate the college's success on its stated objectives related to its three core themes: Economic Vitality, Educational Attainment, and Cultural Richess.